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Why Choose Red Door Real Estate? Why Not?

Although choosing a real estate company should be an informed decision it should not be a scary one. Just like that feeling you get when you walk into a home and you know it is “the one”, choosing Red Door Real Estate will feel that way as well and here is why:

Why Choose Red Door Real Estate to Sell your home

1.     As an independent real estate company we have less overhead so more money gets to go toward marketing your home for sale or toward providing more tools for home buyers. Rather than paying high fees associated with a “Franchise” real estate company, Red Door Real Estate is committed to putting more money toward the needs of our clients. Contrary to what some may believe a smaller company like Red Door Real Estate can be more adaptive to changing client needs, offer more marketing and better train our agents than big name real estate companies. The major benefit to you is specialized service you will not get from a large firm.

2.     When selling your home everyone will know it is for sale through placement on all of the top real estate websites. Red Door pays close attention to the changing trends in online real estate activity and will adjust our advertising dollars accordingly. By monitoring website traffic and statistics Red Door can guarantee placement on the top real estate websites to reach the largest number of potential buyers. In addition our enhanced postings on the top real estate websites provide featured placement of the homes we are selling and often appear in the top of the search results for these sites.

3.     Presenting your home with photos that say a thousand words! The “web appeal” of a home will make or break how a home is accepted by potential buyers. Red Door will not post a home we are selling without properly lit, high resolution photos. Professional photos are a must in today’s online world. Red Door will make sure the photos of your home capture its true essence. You have one chance, only 2 seconds to grab a potential buyer’s eye online as they scan the listing of homes online.  When choosing a home to view, 40% of homebuyers will not even read the property description if they like the photos. According to a study done by Redfin.com a home with professional photos will gain 61% more online views.

4.     Setting the property up for success. Red Door Real Estate will offer honest and knowledgeable advice on how to set your home up for success before it comes on the market. This may involve staging the home, providing suggestions on minor touchups or even major upgrades if needed. Our job is to get the buyers into the home and we will work hand in hand with our seller to make sure they have a great first impression once they are there.

5.      Guide you on pricing your home correctly. Selling a home can be emotional which makes pricing a home difficult. How can someone put a price on the home you grew up in or the place where you lived when you brought your baby home from the hospital for the first time. Red Door Real Estate is prepared to provide you with statistical information on the price of homes in your area and guide you toward the correct list price for your home. While the price our agents provide may not be exactly what some home seller hope to hear, they can take comfort in knowing that our pricing is based on experience and more importantly sales data from recent sales in the area. We involve our sellers in the pricing of the home while providing precise figures on where the home should be priced in the current market.

The way home buyers look for homes really has changed. More and more home buyers are accessing their home search through mobile phones or ipads. With information so easily accessible, home buyers are also more knowledgeable about the real estate market. Red Door Real Estate understands that in addition to the technology aspect of selling a home, home sellers still that crave the one on one interaction with their real estate agent. For that reason Red Door Real Estate commits to providing every client with consistent communication throughout the sales process. Our agents are empowered to be able to adapt and be creative to their client’s unique needs, without the red tape of a “franchise” style real estate company.

Our agents Listen. Our Agents are Proactive. Our agents are here for YOU!

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